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Brass Band,Drum or Pipe Band Insurance and Band Aid

Comprehensive Brass Band insurance cover for your brass or silver band combined with annual ongoing financial support.

We are delighted to welcome you to our brass band, drum and pipe product which includes our Band Aid programme.


We wanted to help. As a specialist provider of music instrument insurance, it is in our long-term interest that Brass Bands are able to recruit and introduce new players to music. We also want music to remain a core feature of local life. We therefore set about developing Band Aid.

Band Aid is a long-term package of support to a Brass Band, Drum and Pipe Bands in ROI. As you would expect from an insurance provider, we provide comprehensive insurance cover for these bands.

Our Harmonic policy provides cover for accidental damage, loss and theft of instruments with a €0 policy excess as standard on instruments.

Cover on instruments applies at all time including whilst at home, school, concerts etc on a worldwide or ROI basis. Cover includes unattended vehicle and unlike some other insurers, our cover applies at all times. We expect to cover uniforms, sheet music, general band equipment and perhaps a trailer (not road risk where auto insurance is required). The policy can also cover Public Liability - standard is €6.5m - but please consider if you need this limit - would €1.3m or €2.6m be the right limit for you. In addition we can write cover for your Brass Band hall and are more than happy to discuss any other requirements. Full details of our Harmonic policy can be found under our Products page or you can call us for more details on 018720179.

To help you develop your Band we also provide direct financial support back to you with the specific aim of developing your Band.


Once you insure with us we will provide within 30 days of us receiving your annual premium, a Band Aid support cheque. 


The amount of the aid will depend upon the size of your Band etc. but is fully discussed with you at the time of your quote. The support is also long term and applies every year you remain within the Band Aid programme.


You can use this money in any way that helps your band - whether its placing an advert to recruit players, buying new instruments, running training days for young players,  or even simply rewarding your current players with a drink.

Whilst we can never seek to solve all the problems a Brass Band face, we hope that by taking this fresh approach we can work with Bands to continue the tradition of brass in the local environment.


Brass, Drum and Pipe  Band insurance is important to the community and we believe that our Band insurance provides the best available cover in the ROI.

You can find the answer to many of the most asked questions on our FAQs page. We also offer general advice on how to look after your musical instruments.


If you still have questions, please call us on 01892 506884 / 0345 072 8535

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