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Musical Instruments

Band Aid for

Brass Bands

We work with Ecclesiastical Insurance Office.Our product is designed around you the player and can be tailored to meet your needs on, unlike many other providers, a per instrument basis. You can also add your dependent's instruments to your policy, selecting the cover you require.

For Musical Instrument Insurance, both our products offer accidental damage, loss and theft cover with a €0 policy excess and the option for unattended vehicle cover and Public Liability cover (Harmonic only).


In addition, we have various free in-built extensions of cover including unspecified musical accessories, loaning of instruments, full theft cover at specific venues, deprecation in value.


All our quotes include tax and any fees. And unlike most of our competitors if you make a change during the policy period, we do not charge any midterm administration fees – you only pay any additional risk premium.

This is a collector’s policy for vinyl records, and ormusic memorabilia, underwritten by Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc. The nature of insurance when it comes to vinyl records or collections can be complicated.


In the event of a loss, our insurance can provide access to an industry specialist that will help you track down those rare or hard to find records that you have lost, and endeavour to replace your collection.

Our standard insurance level will cover you for the entire market value of your collection with individual item cover of up to €1,000 (we may be able to help you with items above €1,000 - please call for more information).

Band Insurance is available under our Harmonic policy underwritten by Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc.


Cover includes musical instrument insurance, uniforms, Public Liability, general band equipment, trophies etc. with option for buildings cover.


In addition our Band Aid programme provides funding back to those bands which support the programme.


You can select all options or just those you need.

Features and benefits

Musical Instruments

  • Accidental damage, theft and loss cover

  • Option on an instrument by instrument basis include:-

    • Worldwide (Harmonic annual cover, Natural 30 days), ROI, Premises Only cover

    • Unattended Vehicle cover (conditions apply)

    • Policy excess (€0 standard) of €100 or €250

  • Automatic cover for Harmonic:-

    • Additional instruments €3,500 (for 14 days)

    • Loaning of instruments

    • Depreciation costs

    • Unspecified music accessories €350

    • Hire cover subject to approved claim

    • Travel/postage costs €250 (approved claims only)

  •  Automatic cover for Natural:-

    • Additional instruments up to €250

    • Hire cost following damage to an instrument up to €200

    • Accessories up to €150

    • Travel/postage costs up to €50 (approved claims only)

Vinyl Records

  • Cover arranged in a pre-priced proposal form with sum insured up to €100,000 (over €100,000 please call).

  • Annual premium starting from just €75

  • Accidental damage, loss and theft cover

  • Cover at home and within ROI

  • Sum insured option based on total collection value

  • Individual records over €1,000 in value named on policy

  • €500 search and find support - help from an industry specialist to track down those rare and hard to replace records

  • Excess €50

  • Simple proposal form to be completed

  • Specialist knowledge and partnership with the vinyl record market

Band Aid for Brass Bands

  • Cover on a worldwide basis for accidental damage, loss and theft (options for ROI cover only)

  • Cover for instruments

  • Cover for uniforms

  • Cover for sheet music

  • Cover for general band equipment etc.

  • Public Liability options

  • Option for Employers Liability

  • Option for Buildings Insurance including Property Owners liability

  • Policy excess €0 all items except Buildings €250 (subsidence €1,000) and Public Liability €250 (€2,500 USA/Canada)

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