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General advice on Sheet Music

In addition to music insurance and musical instrument insurance, Newmoon also provide cover for sheet music under our Harmonic policy.

Sheet music can be owned by individuals, groups and bands. It is often quite surprising how quickly these collections can add up in value. For example Brass Band insurance often provides cover for sheet music worth €000's.

As a general rule sheet music will fall into two types being (a) those which are available "off the shelf" and (b) music sheet no longer available. This affects the value of sheet music. In addition we often deal with music Band (s) who have had sheet music for many years and these have unique features written on then from previous conductors etc , for example where we provide Brass Band insurance.

Values can be difficult to access and we would suggest that you call MIS Underwriting to discuss your own collection requirements.

We can add your sheet music collection to your own individual policy or to a group policy e.g. for a Brass Band insurance.

So whether you have Harp insurance, Saxophone insurance, Flute insurance, Cello insurance, Guitar insurance or are seeking Brass Band insurance or Silver Band insurance, MISUnderwriting can assist. Please just call and ask!

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