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General advice on Silver Bands Insurance

In addition to individual musical instrument insurance e.g. Harp insurance, Saxophone insurance, Flute insurance, Guitar insurance, Cello insurance etc. Newmoon also provide Brass Band insurance and Silver Band insurance under our Harmonic policy.

Cover for Brass Band insurance is typically all risks, loss and theft on a worldwide basis with a €0 policy excess on instruments and includes unattended vehicle cover.

Our Brass Band insurance and Silver Band insurance can include music Public Liability with options . If we insure the building we can also cover Public Liability for premises.

Our Harmonic policy also extends to include as required building insurance for the band room.

In addition to the above, our Brass Band insurance and Silver Band insurance can include uniforms, sheet music, trophies, trailer and general band equipment e.g. music stands etc.

A great feature of our Brass Band insurance policy and Silver Band insurance policies is that MIS Underwriting provides Band Aid – a process whereby we refund an element of your premium every year.



A summary of Brass Band insurance - Band Aid - When you take out Brass Band insurance or Silver Band insurance with MIS Underwriting, you are taking out specialist music insurance. It's not just music insurance or musical instrument insurance, but a complete package and partnership.


Our Brass Band insurance provides competitive cover. Many bands have saved around 16% from their current Brass Band insurance providers. Our Brass Band insurance also provides wide cover with €0 policy excess and unattended vehicle cover.


In addition our Brass Band insurance also provides a refund to your band of 7.5% in year one and 5% at every renewal - for your band to invest in its members, adverts, open days etc. To us, Brass Band insurance is more than just the music insurance but it’s about developing bands, helping in some way to expand and together enjoying music.


To get a Brass Band insurance quote simply call MIS Underwriting. 


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