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Vinyl records and music memorabilia insurance

This is a specialist collector’s policy for vinyl records, brought to you by MIS Underwriting.

Who and What?

The product caters for:-

  1. Private Collectors

  2. Sales of records with income not exceeding €2,500 annually

  3. Collection normally based at your ROI residences

  4. Insurance of the total collection value

  5. Individual records up to €1,000 (refer to MIS Underwriting for items above €1,000)

As a keen collector of vinyl records or music memorabilia you will already be aware of the need to insure. But how do you protect them? If a DJ please see our FAQs page (our policy is not designed for DJ's).

Overall, your choice is limited and most people self insure or add their records to their household policy, where perhaps there is a sizeable excess, and no specialist knowledge or concept of the value of individual records. In the event of a claim will this be an issue?


We have a simple proposal form (see below) and require that you list any records where the value is over €1,000. If you have a list of records then this can also form the basis of cover, but most collectors do not. We would then suggest that you take photo's of specific records of high value, say over €50, (with a newspaper in the photo to date it) and a general photo of the collection to show overall collection size. If the worst happens we want to help you re establish your lost collection/ help in replacement of records, so the more evidence you have the better.

At MIS Underwriting, we specialise in music instrument insurance and related insurance. Whether it's an instrument or an orchestra, we seek to work with specialist insurers who understand the risk.

Working with collectors of vinyl records and talking to individuals and companies in the record collectable market, MIS Underwriting have developed a product specific to your needs.

To obtain a quote simply select and complete the proposal form here. You can download and send to MIS Underwriting (scan/post) or call us on 018720179.

Got questions?

You can find the answer to many of the most asked questions on our FAQs page. We also offer general advice on how to look after your musical instruments.


If you still have questions, please call us on 018720179.

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